We are a boutique consulting firm based out of NJ. 


After consulting for several years we understand that there are a number of issues that need to be addressed. Typically companies get consultants who may not have the appropriate skills to implement and complete the project resulting in overspending, non-optimal solutions and not meeting the target dates. At Blue Leaf Technologies we focus on providing services using the right technologies and implementing it in a way that is efficient and serves the needs of our clients. Our promise is to implement the right solution with a focus on the future.

 Our consultants are known for their excellent solution providing roles in the IT industry. The Blue Leaf team will be thoroughly involved in your IT infrastructure, as well as follow best practice via their Blue Leaf managed solution (BMS) program to make successful implementation.

Blue Leaf Technologies provide enterprise level solution within Virtualization and Systems Management technologies. Blue Leaf's main goal is to provide managed solutions required by the customers with our team's skills and expertise in different technologies.

Reach out to us at (844) BLUE 998 or support@blueleaftechnologies.com

NJ State MBE WBE Certificate # 75238-13