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We carefully staff our projects to provide a consistent level of service until the job is complete.  Let's start and build a relationship that supports your technology needs.

Blue Leaf Technologies is proud to be a minority woman owned business providing high level technical services.

Typically companies get consultants who may not have the appropriate skills to implement and complete the project resulting in overspending, non-optimal solutions and not meeting the target dates. At Blue Leaf Technologies we focus on providing services using the right technologies and implementing it in a way that is efficient and serves the needs of our clients. Our promise is to implement the right solution with a focus on the future.

Our consultants are known for their excellent solution providing roles in the IT industry. The Blue Leaf team will be thoroughly involved in your IT infrastructure, as well as follow best practice via their Blue Leaf managed solution (BMS) program to make successful implementation.  Blue Leaf Technologies provide enterprise level solution within Virtualization and Systems Management technologies. Blue Leaf's main goal is to provide managed solutions required by the customers with our team's skills and expertise in different technologies.

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NJ State MBE WBE Certificate # 75238-13

Our Certifications

Citrix Certified Associate - Virtualizat
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Citrix Cloud Migration

The firm needed to migrate their unstable XA 6.5 environment to a platform that was more stable, scalable and support users globally.

Blue Leaf Team members worked closely with IT teams to get a holistic understanding of the requirements and architected a solution. We proposed a solution using Citrix Cloud with the host resources, workloads, and data being handled on new infrastructure in the firm's Microsoft Azure environment, which would provide the stability and performance they wanted while keeping costs at a minimum. Some highlights of the solution were using Azure AD with MFA as logins, WEM for great user experience and automated solutions to monitor and remediate issues.

Blue Leaf created a stable platform that was embraced by the user community and IT teams alike for its stability, agility and performance. Success of the platform drove another project to enable secure remote access for users. Some of the highlights of the results were a Secure platform powered by Citrix Cloud, Azure and policies for end users and an evergreen Management plane in the cloud resulting in low overhead for the local IT team.


Managed Desktop Environment


The firm found constantly behind the projects due to issues with expertise on technologies and hence needed to extend their team that could help them with coming up solutions to complex issues in the environment and to get projects completed in timely manner.



Blue Leaf became an extension of the team that would work on the current projects on as needed basis and also work on issues that needed expertise in Citrix products, systems management products, desktop imaging and management of the endpoints. Using Jira to manage a ticketing queue for any outsourced tasks the Blue Leaf Team worked with the legal firm to ensure things were completed in timely and efficient manner with all supporting documents for the local team to use as knowledge transfer. The ticketing systems ensure SLAs were met. 



Client is consistently meeting their deadlines and has a easy partner to engage for technical advice and solutions. They do that with minimal cost with the ticketing system and billing per hour vs having a staff on site constantly.

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