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​We employ certified proven consultants to implement new technologies or upgrade and maintain existing infrastructure. We are here to help you remotely or on site.  If you have any questions, technical or non technical, that we can help with 'Contact Us'.

Help Desk

We will implement a Service Desk  strategy, and design a process based on your company's culture and business model.  If necessary we will work with you to ensure a smooth transition from your team to ours maintaining day-to-day operations.  We don't stop there.  We continually suggest improvements to your overall end user management.  We'll work to ensure that IT services are delivered effectively and efficiently. We can help your business in the areas of Event Management, Incident Management
Problem Management, Request Fulfillment, and Access Management.

Database Operations and Management

As part of being part of your day to day Operations and engineering team we can the manage and your environment as per your requirement with a 24x7 remote or on site DBA support. Engagements can include provide engineering and architecture support when needed and ensure your projects are completed in a timely fashion.  We can provide monitoring services and health check services. We have staff with expertise in Oracle, SQL and MySQL to ensure we can match up with the tasks that you need to be completed

Staff Augmentation

If you're experiencing a temporary spike in demand or need help to fill a specialized project role we can augment your team with talented people.  We have also helped companies by providing resources that provided a temporary bridge until you find the right permanent person.  And we can also help you find that permanent resource.  Need a strategic advantage?  We provide individuals or teams with specialized skills to help you deliver your project on time.

Patching and Maintenance

We can set up or structure Windows as a service deploying operating systems, quality updates and feature updates to existing Windows 10 machines.  We can help you plan plan or improve your servicing strategy for Windows 10 updates.  We assess your environment and help you choose or improve you end point management with tools such as Windows Update for Business, Wsus, Microsoft Endpoint, or Configuration Manager (fromerly Sccm).

Application Management

As part of Service Operation we can the manage the lifecycle of your applications.  We work with lines of business to define applications based on business requirements.  We'll turn requirements into specifications and we can offer input towards the design of the application itself and the design of the runtime environment.  Once designed we help build the application in the development phase to produce both the actual application and the operational model. In this stage, the applications are integrated, and tested. Any customization that is required is done during this phase.  We can deploy the final product into live operation. This is the phase where this function interacts with Release and Deployment Management process.  Once deployed we provided support and look to optimize the application environment.

Device Management

Our team helps maintain you devices managing device and component-level drivers and related software.  Your devices are configured so they perform as expected using the bundled operating system, business/workflow software and/or with other hardware devices.  Security measures and processes are implement to protect you company data.  This service is extended to physical/hardware devices such as computers, laptops, servers, mobile phones and virtual machines or virtual switches.

Managed Cloud Infrastructure

We can take the task of deploying and managing cloud services off your hands so you can concentrate on your core competencies.  Reporting and integration with on-premise infrastructure is made easier leveraging our team.  We give you hand with dynamic resource and workload managment along with providing strategies in resource utilization planning. 


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